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Working closely with a dedicated craftsman from Calgary Landscaping, you will have a guiding role in the creation of your unique landscape project. 

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Your Landscape Planning begins with a FREE on-site assessment of your property. Here, we will see the creative and innovative items that will bring your space to life! 

Combining your ideas and expectations for the project with our expertise, we deliver modern landscape design that focuses on aesthetics and functionality.

We custom build a variety of items including Paver Patios, Composite Decks, Retaining walls and Special Features, to suit your Calgary residential landscape design needs.

How To Hire A Landscape Company​

Everything you should know to choose the right Landscape Company

Landscaping companies in Calgary are mostly unregulated, consisting of many businesses and workers that have varying levels of construction knowledge, practical experience and the ability to execute a high quality landscape project.  

This has led to the emergence of the Canadian Landscape Standard, a manual consisting of best practices that set the ground work for Landscape construction.  

Professional landscaping companies adopt these practices to further the development of the industry. Without a governing body, it is still largely up to the consumer to separate the pros from the cons.

We lead in training, skill development and business excellence. Calgary Landscaping in committed to furthering the development of our industry. We have compiled some questions that consumers should be asking their landscaping contractor.

The must haves for landscaping companies in Calgary Alberta

It seems obvious, but having been in the landscape industry for nearly 20 years, we have found that some people forget to ask if a company is licensed to do the work. Any contractor who visits your property should have a valid license.

Contractors are issued a municipal licence by the City of Calgary or jurisdiction you live in and licences expire yearly. Make sure you check to see if a license is valid in your area. There are also City of Calgary Landscape Standards that may need to be met. 

A license doesn’t insure quality but it is one of the first steps in selecting your contractor.


  • City of Calgary – BL 159968
  • Town of Okotoks – BL 126305
  • M.D. Foothills – 14L/1059
  • Town of Canmore – NOR-05742

The Best Landscape Companies Plan For Safety 

When it comes to safety and injury who is responsible for the people on your property? If your landscape contractor doesn’t have WCB insurance, you as the homeowner are responsible for the welfare of people performing work on your property. Even for small landscaping jobs or Calgary garden design!

It’s your right as a homeowner and your landscape contractors responsibility to carry valid WCB insurance to cover you in case of any accidents on the job site, if not, don’t hire them.

Secondly, landscape construction, hardscaping and softscaping has inherent dangers associated with equipment, hand tools and work practices. 

Your landscape contractor should have a safety program in place related to site hazard assessments, WHIMIS training, First Aid, Personal Protective Equipment and other safe work place policies. 

As a company we believe in ongoing training and have these and many other safety programs we use on our job sites.


  • WCB# 509473-8
  • Member & CSTS 2020 Certified Alberta Construction Safety Association

Provincial Licence And Bonding

If a contractor does not have a provincial licence there is nothing to protect your deposit or any disbursements during the project.

In compliance with the Alberta Fair Trading Act and Government of Alberta licensing requirements, all landscape contractors that Solicit, negotiate or conclude contracts in person at any place other than the sellers’ place of business are required to place a 25,000.00 General Surety Bond to secure a Provincial Licence.

Prepaid contracts are for construction, maintenance, repairing, altering, adding to or improving private dwellings, or real property used in conjunction with a private dwelling i.e. landscaping services.

 If a company does not have or cannot get a Provincial Licence & Bond there is a reason, don’t hire them!


  • Provincial Licence number 332786

You are who you associate with

Affiliations, associations, suppliers and customer testimonials reflect well on how a company conducts business. The Best Calgary landscaping contractors have a great work history and provide excellent customer service. 

It is always good to know who will be “hanging out” on your property for the duration of the project.

Some landscaping companies will book your job and then find sub-contractors or summer students to “build” your dream property.” 

Ensure the person you meet with for landscape planning and design will be the project manager on site overseeing the construction 100% of the time.

Ask to view a portfolio of jobs that have been completed by the contractor and read testimonials other people have written about their experience.

Check out our portfolio of Water features, Decks, Custom Outdoor Kitchens and more. Built by us, with care, for our clients.

Get it in writing

Before you agree to have work done on your property know that it is the contractor’s responsibility to provide a detailed estimate of the work and a contract containing relevant information. 

No one likes reading a long contract but it is important because it outlines expectations for the work performed.

It should detail the landscape items which will be completed on your property, the buyers right to cancel, a payment schedule and a landscape drawing if it is a larger scale project.

Never pay a contractor up-front unless they have a provincial bond in place that can be verified with the province of Alberta. 

When payment is required for completed work always pay by cheque or e-transfer to ensure there is a record of the transaction.

On completion of the job ensure you receive warranty information and care instructions for your new landscape.


  • A Detailed Written Contract
  • Accurate Written Estimates 
  • Detailed Landscape Drawings
  • Warranty on All Workmanship
  • Constant Communication

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Professional Landscaping Tips

7 Common and costly landscape pitfalls to avoid

Nothing is more disappointing than re-doing a portion of a new landscape when it could have been avoided with some simple changes. A professional landscaping company like Calgary Landscaping will guide you through the landscape planning, design and construction process.

Landscaping CPR

Covenants – Be aware of neighborhood covenants, permit requirements and restrictions.

Constructing items that fail to comply with developer color schemes and size limitations or items simply not allowed in your area (certain fire pits) is an expensive mistake.

Some covenants will specify fencing materials, design elements and even how many plants and trees are required in your area. Have an old tree close to a front or back property line? It might not be yours! 

The City of Calgary owns many of the old trees, they are protected and can cost you 3-5K to replace.

Have a new home? The City of Calgary may require a minimum of two 50 caliper trees.
Tree requirements for new homes

Property Locates – Be aware of additional services that may be on or around your property or acreage that AB 1 call may not mark in their locate service. 
(i.e.): SHAW CABLE, TELUS or Secondary power or gas lines. When we landscape Calgary properties we submit Alberta 1 Call tickets to verify primary underground services.

Minimum cost to fix a broken communication line is $500.00. A gas or electrical line fix can start at $3500.00 and up.

Real Property Reports – planning a great space requires accurate dimensions, precise boundary designations, and knowledge of ground conditions.

A Real Property Report(RPR) can show things like Overland Drainage right of ways, Utility corridors and easements.

The City of Calgary has updated their flood zone and flood fringe maps so having an up to date report may be beneficial.

Building something in these areas almost always leads to removing it at your expense.

Location Location!

Consider the landscape of our daily lives and the view your landscape design will create from all angles, both outside and inside of the home. Creating an Escape requires a balance of harmony between structures and tree/shrub placement.

A small tree or bush will grow quickly and can change the view or feel of an area within a few years. Remember the gardening services that may be required and design the location to cut down on monthly maintenance. In addition, don’t forget about snow removal and snow storage if you intend to use the space year round.

After incurring a cost to put in permanent fixtures fastened to the ground, avoid the costly pitfall of paying to pull it out. As a top Calgary landscape design company, we can always help you choose the perfect location for that special feature.

Planning for the future

Plan your landscape to grow with your family.

If you are developing your dream landscape over a few years then installing gas lines, lighting and irrigation lines should be considered first.

Have you thought about snow removal? A top notch landscaping company will. Remember, there is a lot of salt from vehicles and sidewalks that will slowly kill plants and trees.

Avoid this costly pitfall and ensure you have room to pile snow and allow for runoff that leads away from plants and trees.

Be a good Neighbor

Inform your neighbors that you will be constructing. Discuss parking, shared fencing and access points.

An upset neigbour may not cost you anything financially but may lead to a disappointing relationship and less enjoyment in your yard in the future.

Material Selection

Investigate your material options and make decisions prior to construction. Purchase a few samples to decide on color & texture.

This will decrease the likelihood of feeling overwhelmed and making poor decisions. Landscaping material is heavy and costly to transport.

Sending back a load of stone because of colour can be a costly mistake.

Weekend Warrior

Tackling a project yourself can be very rewarding. Most weekend warriors however, do not readily understand the challenges of landscape construction.

Top items to be considered; various ground conditions, locates, construction permits, regulations, inspections and time to completion is often lengthy for DIY’s vs a skilled crew.

Top items that create a really big pitfall; Not using Personal Protective Equipment. No WCB coverage if you are hurt. Not having the proper equipment to move thousands of pounds of material.

Calgary Landscaping

We specialize in project management for our crew that goes hand in hand with education, quality products and ethical construction practices. Don’t pay more for a poorly planned project.

An exceptional Landscape Design needs to be accurate to reflect the true costs associated with construction. The cost is based on the accuracy of the design, the materials used and the effort required to install them.

Give us a call or Book A Site Visit to get your project started.

Landscaping - Questions

We would like to meet with you as soon as possible. The Calgary Landscaping season runs from mid-April to the end of October and project space can get booked quickly. It also takes time to plan and design a quality landscape, so the sooner we start the better.

You will meet with one of the the two owners who will welcome you and ensure that you are given expert advice to start your project off right.

It’s a collaborative effort and we want to align your vision with ours. If you have notes, sketches, photos, collected magazine clippings or you have a Pinterest board, we would like to see your ideas.

A copy of your Real Property Report (RPR) also helps, as it shows utility right of ways, overland drainage set backs and measurements for your property. 

In general, a welcome meeting will take 45 – 60 minutes depending of the complexity of the project and the size of your property. If more time is required we will ensure a second project meeting is scheduled. If you feel we need more time, let us know and we will schedule additional time for you. 

People are searching for a reputable & friendly landscaping company that delivers quality craftsmanship at an affordable cost. We are the top choice when people search for a professional landscaping company in Calgary. How do we know this? Our clients refer us time and time again!

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